Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Gilden’s Arts Gallery is proud to present our new exhibition devoted to Marc Chagall (1887-1985), master of form and colours. His incredible combination of colourism and highly personal symbolism makes of Marc Chagall one of the main artists of the 20th Century.
The works by Marc Chagall transport their audience into a dreamlike, fantastical world. Comprised of visions taken from his mind and memory, Chagall’s compositions combine floating lovers and flying beasts in magical compositions that exude charm and beauty.
Chagall’s whimsical, folkloric works demonstrate the importance he placed upon dreams as a source of inspiration, as his subjects are repeatedly seen floating with little regard to the forces of gravity.

“But I had never wanted to paint like any other painter. I always dreamt of some new kind of art that would be different. In Paris, I at last saw as in a vision the kind of art that I actually wanted to create. It was an intuition of a new psychic dimension in my paintings.”

The work below, Banks of Bercy, is an important lithograph, part of a famous series in which Marc Chagall celebrates the French capital.
“Banks of Bercy”, like its fellow pictures in this series, sings with the poetry of Chagall’s unique vision; romance, flowers, a horse, a bird and a cityscape are intertwined in this poetic, dreamlike composition.
Chagall’s relationship with Paris had begun in 1910, when he had gone there on a near pilgrimage, a young artist seeking inspiration from the capital of the Avant-guard. It was there that he had begun to forge his own reputation and his incredible combination of colourism and highly personal symbolism.

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Friday, 9 March 2012

Gilden's Arts Gallery is exhibiting in Art Karlsruhe until Sunday!You are more than welcom to come and visit our 3 exhibitions in stand U08, Halle 1:

- Works on Paper by Modern Master, including rare drawings by Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro

- a rare collection of paintings by the Hungarian avant garde artist Bela Kadar

- an important solo Show by the leading Israeli artist Jacob Gildor.