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 'Art is nothing but humanized science'. Gino Severini

Gino Severini 1883-1966
Cortona 1883-1966 Paris (Italian)
Composition, 1955

Technique: Original Hand Signed and Numbered Lithograph in colours on BFK Rives paper
Paper size: 55.6 x 38 cm / 21.8 x 14.9 in
Plate size: 48.2 x 32 cm / 18.9 x 12.5 in

This stunning lithograph by Severini demonstrates wonderfully the artists use of colour and composition to create a work that moves all over the paper, giving life to the whole scene. Initially introduced to Futurism by his friends Umberto Boccioni and Giacomo Balla, Severini fully embraced the movements idea of conveying speed and movement within their paintings and used this idea many times to paint various dancers, ball rooms, scenes from busy urban life and the human form in action. This feeling of dynamism within art is so perfectly demonstrated in this lithograph of 1955. During this time Severini returned to many of his early Futurist subjects after experimenting with Divisionism and Cubism during the early 1900s.

This original lithograph is hand signed in pencil by the artist "Gino Severini" in the lower right margin. It is also numbered in pencil "197/200" in the lower left margin. This lithograph was published in a limited edition of 200 signed and numbered impressions by Editore Guilde de la Gravure, Pully Lausanne in 1955.
The paper bears the "Rives" watermark on the lower right margin and the dry stamp of the publisher in the lower left margin next to the numbering. This lithograph was inspired by a pastel drawing.

Gino Severini, Musee National d'Art Moderne, Paris, France, July-October 1967.
VII Biennale dell' incisione italiana contemporanea, presentazione di Roberto Salvini, Opera Bevilacqua La Masa, Venezia, 1-30 July 1968.
Gino Severini en Suisse, by Charles Journet and Pierre Fasel, Chateau de Romont, Romont, 15 july-1st September 1974.
Literature: Meloni, Francesco, 1982. Gino Severini: Tutta L’Opera Grafica. Reggio Emilia: Prandi.
Ref: Meloni 28

Condition: Very Good Condition. One light stain in the bottom margin. 

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