Sunday, 13 September 2015

"Dans notre vie, comme sur la palette d’un artiste,
 une seule couleur donne tout son sens à l’art et à la vie, 
c’est la couleur de l’Amour."
Marc Chagall


The Rainbow, 1969

Gilden’s Arts is honoured to present a new exhibition of works by Marc Chagall. The catalogue covers the artist’s oeuvre from his early works until the most mature post war works.

Marc Chagall's poetic, figurative style made him one of most popular modern artists, while his long life and varied output made him one of the most internationally recognised.
Chagall's distinction lies in his steady faith in the power of figurative art, that he maintained despite absorbing ideas from Fauvism and Cubism.
Marc Chagall’s world communicates happiness and optimism through the use of bright and vivid colours. A world in colours as if it was seen throughout the outstanding stained glasses he realised in Jerusalem.

Motherhood, 1954

Born in the Russian town of Vitebsk to a very traditional Jewish family, Chagall's poetic works recall a sort of childish fantasy and the magical background of Russian story tales.
Renowned for their magnificent colouration and fantastic imagery, the many series of Marc Chagall range across themes and sentiment.
From his narrative renderings of Daphins and Chloe and the Arabian Nights, to his visions of the old testament, a delightful interpretation full of symbols and colours. 

The Wolf Trap from Daphnis and Chloe, 1961

Moses, 1956

The exhibition will run until the end of October 2015, we are looking forward welcoming you in our Gallery in Hampstead, London.
For more information please visit or view our catalogue here.

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